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Online Tax Preparation Services

TaxEasy provides virtual tax services in:

We help individuals on their taxes when using tax software gets confusing. In other words, TaxEasy offers individuals and small business owners tax planning and preparation to maximize their refund.

Unlike with tax software, we provide a more personalized experience by answering all questions and providing timely suggestions. To clarify, we are in the know about how current tax laws affect your tax returns.

Some virtual tax services include:

  • First, understanding of your tax preparation needs
  • Then, help gathering all documents necessary for tax preparation
  • After that, signing on your tax documents as certified tax preparer with CTEC
  • Finally, filing and e-filing for quicker tax return

Who we serve

We work to provide the best service for your tax preparation and tax planning needs. With experience since 2014 - we offer a variety of tax returns - small business, individual, freelancers - for various industries such as technology, architecture, personal services and many more!

Small Business

If you work for yourself or employ others, we can help with hassle free tax preparation.We help with LLCs, partnerships, sole proprietorships - connect with us to see how we can help you.


We can help you with your taxes and achieve maximum deductions. We help with health care tax, taxes for seniors, and family tax. We know the tax law changes - for hassle-free tax preparation for you.


Are you a student working part-time? Or do you work under temporary contracts or in the gig economy - such as driving for Uber or Lyft? We can help you with the forms - for hassle-free tax prep.

Industries we worked with


We help people in software, applications, and hardware development achieve better tax results. We help freelancer and long-term developers improve their finances.


Our tax consultant helps individuals and small businesses this broad industry of drafters, architects, engineers, developers, home inspectors, energy analysts with their daily expenses.

Personal Services

If you work in personal service - industry delivering services other than goods - we can help you! We help barbers, beauty professionals, personal trainers, breathe easier with hassle-free tax prep.